Visible Solutions LLC was nominated for the Estonian contemporary art prize – The Köler Prize 2014. We decided to commission our work for the show from one of the best contemporary painters in Estonia – Tõnis Saadoja.

Ligudik, Valuemeter and Artwork Consisting Only of its Value is a three-piece artwork originally commissioned by the steirischer herbst festival, Graz, Austria (2013).

The Artwork Consisting Only of its Value  consists of a value defined by a mathematical formula based on a combined interest rate calculation that increases over time ad infinitum. The special device called Valuemeter calculates and displays the current value and allows the viewer to experience the incessant growth. The value is calculated and displayed using a new currency – the Ligudik, the value of which is equivalent to the energy contained in one kilogram of human fat. The third piece is a representation of one Ligudik – a kilogram of refined human fat in a glass vessel.

The work is a miniature environment for reflecting on the ideas of value, growth and human energy in the context of a capitalist economic system.

Prototype No: 01
Manufacturers code: –96-KPA-0000
Warranty: 2 years
Price: Negotiable

Chamber of Freedom with Integrated Memory Hole by Visible Solutions LLC is a revolutionary product that utilizes vacuum technology. It allows you to handle information containing the most uncomfortable ideas that could pose a threat to the system comfortably and without any risk. Chamber of Freedom with Integrated Memory Hole converts the act of listening into a safe ritual and gives you total control over the information. Turn up the volume and listen without any threat to your views.
Chamber of Freedom with Intgerated Memory Hole consists of a vacuum vessel and two separate amplifier boxes. A void of extraordinary strength – a Memory Hole is created between the loudspeaker and microphone by removal of almost all air. The sound is inserted into the chamber via the loudspeaker, processed in the Memory Hole and captured by the microphone and then re-amplified and released via the powerful horn speaker. Hear and enjoy.

Advantages and properties:

It is compatible with revolutionary texts, utopias, dystopias, philosophy and poetry
Integrated Memory Hole allows the storage of inconvenient ideas without any major damage
An audio file is easily replaceable by a Visible Solutions maintenance technician

Contents of the package:

1 Vacuum Chamber (dimensions 300 x 1200x 310 mm)
1 Horn speaker
1 Sampled audio file “The Medium is the Massage” by Marshall Mcluhan

Version: 0.3
Service code: P-30-09-2005-JYLL
Warranty: None
Price: Negotiable

(In)Dependence is a service by Visible Solutions LLC that offers a fast, effective, comfortable and pleasant exit from a confining system for a maximum of 6 people. Our service offers you an excuse for independence and dependence simultaneously. It is particularly suitable for the practical people who think that every object should have a clear function, and to the unpractical people who appreciate the necessity of functionless objects. Due to the possibility of unpredictable combinations of (In)Dependence we cannot offer you any warranty. The use of this service is at your own risk only.

Advantages and properties:

Possibility to leave from undesirable situations
Possibility to encounter unexpected situations

Place: Lifeboat (max 6 persons)
Time: Unlimited



“Hoisting the Banner” is a ritualistic photo performance that takes place when Visible Solutions LLC enters a new market. This happens when we exhibit our works in a new country. It’s visual language is derived from classic propaganda imagery. By placing the invisible hand on the national flags our goal is to bring into focus the economic order and to create a grotesque post factum visual of the advancement of the neo liberal economic order. And of course the ever expanding photo series tells the success story of our company – Visible Solutions LLC. It is simultaneously a performance and a photo work.

Prototype No: 08
Manufacturers code: 010679S-210978T-140586K
Warranty: 6 months
Price: FREE

Correction is a universal product, following a long line of traditions and its new composition allows it to work even faster and more effectively. Correction offers a convenient and affordable way to modify and enhance reality. The product can be used to fill holes and blank spaces as well as to combine different materials. The product Correction can also be utilized to repair larger hole-material-hole structures. The product may or may not be usable for everyone.

Advantages and properties:
◆ No fundamental flaws
◆ Open for updates
◆ Fast and affordable

Content of the package:

1 publication “Creative Estonia
1 additional leaflet

You may come across our sales presentations in exhibition halls, shopping centres, train stations or while taking a walk outside. Every presentation lasts about two hours, during which we loop the 7-minute long introductory text to our products. Come and see!

New and improved version!

Prototype No: 05
Manufacturers code: O220-N78-AR1-CO2003
Warranty: 2 Y
Price: negotiable

“Clarity” exterior space for interiors by Visible Solutions LLC is designed with the most demanding clients in mind. Who hasn’t experienced the urge to leave their working space and relax, or seek new inspiration from the green grass and the fresh air of the outdoors? “Clarity” makes this easier than ever. “Clarity” exterior space for interiors is the great outdoors within the four walls of your office or home.
It has been proven there is a 75% chance of coming up with truly new ideas while using “Clarity”. Creative people need a creative environment — this is what “Clarity” offers. Unexpected combinations enhance your creative potential!

Advantages and properties:

Experience the great outdoors without leaving your working space
Significant increase in your creative potential
Easy to install, immediately operational
Great pleasures in a small space

Content of the package:

1 Interior-exterior space (dimensions 2000 x 3000 x 2050 mm)

Prototype No: 02
Manufacturers code: 1776-B4C2P9
Warranty: 2 years
Price: negotiable

Adam Smith’s Pet Invisible Hand in a Cage is a unique product by Visible Solutions LLC, born from the symbiosis of entrepreneurship and creativity. It offers truly high value to its users. If used correctly the economic success of the customer is automatically converted to common good and the enterprise or the individual becomes socially responsible without any special effort. The product is designed for a modern business environment. Its thoughtfully minimalistic and timeless form make it an eye-catch- er in every office. Its ergonomic handlebar and quality wheels make relocation a breeze.

Advantages and properties:

◆Innovative real-time thermal imaging system makes the invisible hand visible
◆Compatible with neoliberal ideology
◆No need for special maintenance
◆Enhanced mobility Provides the user with economic dynamism

Content of the package:

1 Cage (dimensions 1018 x 1430 x 640 mm)
1 Fluorescent lamp
1 Exercise wheel
1 Invisible hand (size M)
1 Thermal imaging camera 1TVset


Visible Solutions LLC made its first business deal with Mrs. Laine Jänes (now Randjärv), the Estonian Minister of Culture at the time. The deal was made via Facebook; in the process, the enterprise and the Minister exchanged symbolic capital. The event took place on 31 August 2010, one day before the start of the new school year. An advertising campaign for Captain Morgan Rum was happening on Facebook – “Lady Gaga cocktail competition”.

The participants took a photo of a rum and cola cocktail, posted it on the wall of Captain Morgan’s page and tried to get as many likes as possible by 1 September. The prize was a trip to Rotterdam, to a Lady Gaga concert for the author of the photo and their three friends. The Estonian Minister of Culture Laine Jänes (now Randjärv) encouraged all her facebook friends to like a photo in the competition.

Laine Jänes: “Support friends and add likes to the picture : – ) if you like it. It is a competition!”
Taaniel Raudsepp: “Deal. On the condition, you like this:

Laine Jänes likes the offer by Taaniel Raudsepp, Laine Jänes likes Visible Solutions LLC’s Facebook page.
Taaniel Raudsepp  likes the rum and cola photo promoted by Laine Jänes.

The deal is sealed!